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Table manipulation in simplicial databases

  title={Table manipulation in simplicial databases},
  author={David I. Spivak},
In \cite{Spi}, we developed a category of databases in which the schema of a database is represented as a simplicial set. Each simplex corresponds to a table in the database. There, our main concern was to find a categorical formulation of databases; the simplicial nature of the schemas was to some degree unexpected and unexploited. In the present note, we show how to use this geometric formulation effectively on a computer. If we think of each simplex as a polygonal tile, we can imagine… 
Functorial data migration
The operad of wiring diagrams: formalizing a graphical language for databases, recursion, and plug-and-play circuits
It is shown that wiring diagrams form the morphisms of an operad $\mcT$, capturing this self-similarity, and is moved on to show how plug-and-play devices and also recursion can be formulated in the operadic framework as well.
David I. Spivak: Curriculum Vitae
Employment University of Oregon, Mathematics: Paul Olum Visiting Assistant Professor. 2007-present. University of Oregon, Computer Science: guest instructor. Spring 2008, Fall 2008. University of