Tabibito the Traveler

  title={Tabibito the Traveler},
  author={Hideki Yukawa},
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A Philosophical Path from Königsberg to Kyoto

‘Mathematics is the science of the infinite, its goal the symbolic comprehension of the infinite with human, that is finite, means.’ Along this line, in The Open World, Hermann Weyl contrasted the

The emergence of theoretical physics in Japan: Japanese physics community between the two World Wars

Summary The paper aims to show how Japanese theoretical physics groups emerged between the First and Second World Wars. First, it will be argued that by the early 1930s the Japanese physics community

The Janusian Process in Scientific Creativity

Twenty-two Nobel laureates in the fields of chemistry, physics, and medicine and physiology from Europe and the United States were interviewed according to a systematic research protocol focused on

Astrophysics with Intense and Ultra-Intense Lasers “Laser Astrophysics”

I review the present status of laser astrophysics research in which the intense andultraintense lasers are used to study basic data of hot-dense plasmas, violent phenomena such as explosion scaled