TWIK1, a unique background channel with variable ion selectivity.

  title={TWIK1, a unique background channel with variable ion selectivity.},
  author={Franck C. Chatelain and Delphine Bichet and Dominique Douguet and Sylvain F. Feliciangeli and Sa{\"i}d Bendahhou and Markus Reichold and Richard Warth and Jacques Barhanin and Florian Lesage},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={109 14},
TWIK1 belongs to the family of background K(+) channels with two pore domains. In native and transfected cells, TWIK1 is detected mainly in recycling endosomes. In principal cells in the kidney, TWIK1 gene inactivation leads to the loss of a nonselective cationic conductance, an unexpected effect that was attributed to adaptive regulation of other channels. Here, we show that TWIK1 ion selectivity is modulated by extracellular pH. Although TWIK1 is K(+) selective at neutral pH, it becomes… CONTINUE READING