TUCAN (CARD8) genetic variants and inflammatory bowel disease.

  title={TUCAN (CARD8) genetic variants and inflammatory bowel disease.},
  author={Dermot Patrick McGovern and Helen Butler and Tariq Ahmad and Marta Paolucci and David A van Heel and Kenichi Negoro and Pirro G Hysi and Jiannis Ragoussis and Simon P. L. Travis and Lon R. Cardon and Derek P. Jewell},
  volume={131 4},
BACKGROUND & AIMS The identification of the association between Crohn's disease (CD) and NOD2 (CARD15) confirmed both the heritability of CD and highlighted the role of the nuclear factor kappaB (NFkappaB) pathway in disease pathogenesis. Other susceptibility loci exist. TUCAN (CARD8) is located beneath a CD peak of linkage on chromosome 19q. TUCAN is expressed in the gut and is a negative regulator of NFkappaB, making it an excellent candidate gene for gastrointestinal inflammation. METHODS… CONTINUE READING
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