TTK kinase is essential for the centrosomal localization of TACC2.

  title={TTK kinase is essential for the centrosomal localization of TACC2.},
  author={Zhen Dou and Xia Ding and Arzhang Zereshki and Ying Zhang and Jie Zhang and Feng Wang and Jie Sun and He Huang and Xuebiao Yao},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={572 1-3},
Chromosome segregation in mitosis is orchestrated by dynamic interaction between spindle microtubule and the kinetochore. Our recent ultrastructural studies demonstrated a dynamic distribution of TTK, from the kinetochore to the centrosome, as cell enters into anaphase. Here, we show that a centrosomal protein TACC2 is phosphorylated in mitosis by TTK signaling pathway. TACC2 was pulled down by wild type TTK but not kinase death mutant, suggesting the potential phosphorylation-mediated… CONTINUE READING


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