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TRiCmini^+ -A Telepresence Robot for Interpersonal Communication for Older Adults

  title={TRiCmini^+ -A Telepresence Robot for Interpersonal Communication for Older Adults},
  author={Yi-Shin Chen and Yeh-Liang Hsu and Jun-Ming Lu},
Aging is associated with an increased risk of isolation. Information and communication technologies have been utilized to assist homecare of older adults. However, in addition to transmitting vital sign data for healthcare purposes, older adults may expect to share their life experiences and feelings by different forms of interactions with their children and family members. Communication tools did facilitate interpersonal communication in terms of real-time verbal communication. Nevertheless… 

The use of psychophysiological methods in the evaluation of mental commitment robots for elderly care

The results reflect the semi-elderly and elderly users’ preference in real HRIs, which may facilitate the developers to respond to the market more closely and effectively.



Developing a telepresence robot for interpersonal communication with the elderly in a home environment.

The implementation of key autonomous behaviors in TRIC to increase the user's capability of projection of self and operation of the telepresence robot, in addition to increasing the interactive capability of the participant as a dialogist are emphasized.

Development of the "Care Delivery Frame" for Senior Users

The "Care Delivery Frame (CDF)" presented here integrates two distinctly different applications, the home telehealth system and the remote photo sharing service of digital photo frame, to create a

Universals and cultural differences in facial expressions of emotion.

The Communication of Inferior and Superior Attitudes by Verbal and Non‐verbal Signals*

Ratings were made by 120 subjects of 18 video-tapes in which verbal and non-verbal cues for Inferior, Equal and Superior were varied and combined in a 3 times 3 design. The typed messages (verbal

Inference of attitudes from nonverbal communication in two channels.

International Activities in Tele-homecare: Background paper

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  • 1998