TREM-1 promotes survival during septic shock in mice.

  title={TREM-1 promotes survival during septic shock in mice.},
  author={S{\'e}bastien Gibot and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Massin and Markella Marcou and Valerie A. Taylor and Ray P Stidwill and Peter W. F. Wilson and Mervyn Singer and Geoff J Bellingan},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={37 2},
Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid (TREM)-1 is integral to the inflammatory response occurring during septic shock, although its precise function has yet to be determined. Here we show that in vivo silencing of TREM-1 using siRNA duplexes in a fecal peritonitis mouse model resulted in a blunted inflammatory response and increased mortality. This was associated with impaired bacterial clearance related to marked inhibition of the neutrophil oxidative burst. By contrast, TREM-1-silenced… CONTINUE READING

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