author={Lawrence Venuti},
Teaching and research as blurred translating
Through a form of currere , this essay traces the author’s journey to conceptualize her teaching and qualitative educational research as “blurred translating.” Practices of blurred translating are inExpand
Choice-Making in Rendering Culture-Bound Elements in Literary Translation: A Case Study on the English Translation Of «????».
AbstractHow to render culture-bound elements into a foreign language remains one of the most challenging tasks for all translators, especially, when the source text is a literary one. To retain theExpand
(Trans)forming national images in translation: The case of the “Young Estonia” movement
The article explores the relations between translation, cultural identity and national self-image, focusing on a case study from early 20th century Estonia. The analysis of different aspects of theExpand
Performative Translation Options Under The Soviet Regime
Translations must be read in their immediate social context in order to understand their performative meaning. The Soviet period in Estonia featured censored and self-censored public writing, whereasExpand
A sociological study of Howard Goldblatt’s English translations of the ideological markers in Mo Yan’s three Chinese novels
Over the last two decades, ideology has evolved into a major issue in translation studies. In terms of the ideological explorations of translation, previous studies focused on the explicit orExpand
Fashioning the Other: Fashion as an Epistemology of Translation
This chapter explores the problematique of translation in international politics. In the absence of a semiotic ‘master code’, knowledge about, and understanding of, the Other cannot be taken forExpand
Per a qui traduïm Ibsen avui?
For whom do we translate Ibsen today? In this article I aim to answer the question Who is the reader of the translations of Ibsen’s playwrights? To find out the answer will help me not only to thinkExpand
Reflections: Are We Global Yet? Africa and the Future of Early Modern Studies
ECF ISSN 0840-6286 | E-ISSN 1911-0243 | doi: 10.3138/ecf.33.3.413 Copyright 2021 by Eighteenth-Century Fiction, McMaster University A little over fifteen years ago, Felicity A. Nussbaum published herExpand
The legacy of Ortiz’s Yorubization of Lucumí
The contemporary retranslation and circulation of Lucumí songs for the orishas (deities) among devotees and scholars in Cuba inadvertently reproduces both the sources and methods of Ortiz’s earliestExpand
Assessing the Arabic Translation of the Western Politicians' Representations of Islamists' Political Ideologies
This paper analyzes and assesses the translation of using presupposition. Besides, the paper sheds light on the way some Western analysts on the Washington Institute website portray Islamists'Expand