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  author={Jaroslav Jezek},
Transitive closures of binary relations and relations α with the property that any two α-sequences connecting two given elements are of the same length are investigated. Vyšetřuj́ı se tranzitivńı uzávěry binárńıch relaćı a relaćı α s vlastnost́ı, že každé dvě α-posloupnosti spojuj́ıćı dané dva prvky maj́ı stejnou délku. The present short note collects a few elementary observations concerning the transitive closures of binary relations. All the formulated results are fairly basic and of folklore… Expand
Transitive closures of binary relations. III.
Transitive closures of the covering relation in lattices are investigated. Vyšetřuj́ı se tranzitivńı uzávěry pokrývaćı relace ve svazech. This extremely short expository note collects a few more orExpand
Relation-theoretic metrical coincidence theorems
In this article, we generalize some frequently used metrical notions such as: completeness, closedness, continuity, g-continuity and compatibility to relation-theoretic setting and utilize theseExpand
Employing Locally Finitely T-Transitive Binary Relations to Prove Coincidence Theorems for Nonlinear Contractions
In this article, we prove some relation-theoretic results on coincidence and common fixed point for a nonlinear contraction employing a locally finitely - transitive binary relation, where stands forExpand
Observations on relation-theoretic coincidence theorems under Boyd–Wong type nonlinear contractions
In this article, we carry out some observations on existing metrical coincidence theorems of Karapinar et al. (Fixed Point Theory Appl. 2014:92, 2014) and Erhan et al. (J. Inequal. Appl. 2015:52,Expand
Analytics for directed contact networks
A simple inhomogeneous Markov model is described to infer flows and taint bounds associated with higher-level behaviors associated with directed contact networks, and how to aggregate contacts within DCNs and/or dynamically cluster their vertices is discussed. Expand
A Social Relationship Modifiers Modeller
This is the first paper introduces relation modifiers identification from smartphone photo gallery and the model results achieved accuracy up to 70% with decay modifiers, and accuracy of trust modifier reached 98%. Expand
Conformance Checking over Uncertain Event Data
This work defines a taxonomy of uncertain event logs and models, and examines the challenges that uncertainty poses on process discovery and conformance checking, and shows how upper and lower bounds for conformance can be obtained by aligning an uncertain trace onto a regular process model. Expand
Efficient Time and Space Representation of Uncertain Event Data
A novel approach to efficiently compute a graph representation of the behavior contained in an uncertain process trace is presented and experimental results showing order-of-magnitude performance improvements for behavior graph construction are reported. Expand
The optimality of syntactic dependency distances
A new score is introduced to quantify the cognitive pressure to reduce the distance between linked words in a sentence and call for a reevaluation of the evolution of dependency distance over time in languages as well as the relationship between dependency distance and linguistic competence. Expand


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