TRANQUIL: a language for an array processing computer

  title={TRANQUIL: a language for an array processing computer},
  author={Norma E. Abel and Paul P. Budnik and David J. Kuck and Yoichi Muraoka and Robert S. Northcote and Robert B. Wilhelmson},
  booktitle={AFIPS Spring Joint Computing Conference},
TRANQUIL is the algorithmic language which will be used to write programs for ILLIAC IV, a parallel computer which has been described by Barnes et al. ILLIAC IV is designed to be an array of 256 coupled processing elements (PE's) arranged in four quadrants in each of which the 64 PE's are driven by instructions emanating from a single control unit (CU). Each of the 256 PE's is to have 2048 words of 64 bit semiconductor memory with a 250 nanosecond cycle time and an instruction set which… CONTINUE READING


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