TRAIL-R as a negative regulator of innate immune cell responses.

  title={TRAIL-R as a negative regulator of innate immune cell responses.},
  author={Gretchen E. Diehl and Herman H Yue and Kristina Hsieh and Anna A Kuang and Mary Wen-Reng Ho and Lisa A Morici and Laurel L Lenz and Dragana Cado and Lee W. Riley and Astar Winoto},
  volume={21 6},
TRAIL receptor (TRAIL-R) signaling has been implicated in inducing apoptosis in tumor cells, but little is understood about its physiological function. Here, we report the generation and characterization of TRAIL-R(-/-) mice, which develop normal lymphocyte populations but possess enhanced innate immune responses. TRAIL-R(-/-) mice exhibited increased clearance of murine cytomegalovirus that correlated with increased levels of IL-12, IFN-alpha, and IFN-gamma. Stimulation of macrophages with… CONTINUE READING