TPR-Mediated self-association of plant SGT1.

  title={TPR-Mediated self-association of plant SGT1.},
  author={Afua Nyarko and Kh{\'e}didja Mosbahi and Arthur J. Rowe and Andrew Leech and Marta Boter and Ken Shirasu and Colin Kleanthous},
  volume={46 40},
The tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) domain mediates inter-protein associations in a number of systems. The domain is also thought to mediate oligomerization of some proteins, but this has remained controversial, with conflicting data appearing in the literature. By way of investigating such TPR-mediated self-associations we used a variety of biophysical techniques to characterize purified recombinant Sgt1, a TPR-containing protein found in all eukaryotes that is involved in a broad range of… CONTINUE READING

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