TPP1 is a homologue of ciliate TEBP-β and interacts with POT1 to recruit telomerase

  title={TPP1 is a homologue of ciliate TEBP-β and interacts with POT1 to recruit telomerase},
  author={Huawei Xin and Dan Liu and Ma Wan and Amin Safari and Hyeung Jin Kim and Wen Sun and Matthew S. O’Connor and Zhou Songyang},
Telomere dysfunction may result in chromosomal abnormalities, DNA damage responses, and even cancer. Early studies in lower organisms have helped to establish the crucial role of telomerase and telomeric proteins in maintaining telomere length and protecting telomere ends. In Oxytricha nova, telomere G-overhangs are protected by the TEBP-α/β heterodimer. Human telomeres contain duplex telomeric repeats with 3′ single-stranded G-overhangs, and may fold into a t-loop structure that helps to… CONTINUE READING
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