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  author={Queer Ecofeminism and Greta Gaard},
Although many ecofeminists acknowledge heterosexism as a problem, a systematic exploration of the potential intersections of ecofeminist and queer theories has yet to be made. By interrogating social constructions of the "natural," the various uses of Christianity as a logic of domination, and the rhetoric of colonialism, this essay finds those theoretical intersections and argues for the importance of developing a queer ecofeminism. 
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Green, Pink, and Lavender: Banishing Ecophobia through Queer Ecologies

Drawing on a range of queer and ecological theories rather a single orthodox perspective, the thirteen essays in Queer Ecologies develop a strong argument for queering environmentalisms and greening

The Disruptive Potential of a Queer Vegan Praxis

Queerness and veganism are two historically contested social locations that have become more mainstreamed in recent years. This thesis seeks to explore how queer vegans have experienced and utilized

Philosophy, Religion and the Environment in Africa: The Challenge of Human Value Education and Sustainability

Religious environmentalism is fast becoming a growing academic discipline with concerns on how to manage the human environment and save man’s resources for the future generations. Religious

Sex, Bugs, and Isabella Rossellini: The Making and Marketing of Green Porno

In this essay, Green Porno is analyzed as a means of approaching the interrelationships of sex, stardom, environmentalism/green marketing, and new digital media technologies.

Ecofeminismo, mujeres y desarrollo sustentable: el caso de la Sierra de Santa Rosa en Guanajuato

Resumen: 1 en este articulo se explora la participacion de las mu-jeres en el Programa de Desarrollo Sustentable Sierra de Santa Rosa, en Guanajuato, de 2001 a 2011. Se expone la aportacion del

Whitney A. Bauman (ed.), Meaningful Flesh: Reflections on Religion and Nature for a Queer Planet

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Lavender's Green? Some Thoughts on Queer(y)ing Environmental Politics

  • C. Sandilands
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    UnderCurrents: Journal of Critical Environmental Studies
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At the Stein Valley festival in the Summer of 1989, Anne Cameron, who was presumed to be an authority on such things, was asked "what is the place of gay men and lesbians in the environmental

Gender On Ice: American Ideologies of Polar Expeditions

A passion for blankness - US and British polar discourse nationalism on ice - technology and masculinity at the North Pole National Geographic Society and Magazine - technologies of nationalism,

Epistemology of the Closet

In this condensed version of her book, Sedgwick reflects about the "closet" as a regime of regulation of gay and lesbian lives that is also important to heterosexuals since it guarantees their

The Reproduction of Mothering: Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Gender

When this best-seller was published, it put the mother-daughter relationship and female psychology on the map. "The Reproduction of Mothering" was chosen by "Contemporary Sociology" as one of the ten

Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence

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In its first issue (Autumn 1975), Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society published Carroll Smith-Rosenberg's now classic article, "The Female World of Love and Ritual: Relations between Women

Surpassing the Love of Men: Romantic Friendship and Love Between Women from the Renaissance to the Present

This classic cultural history draws on a rich variety of sources - from the writings of Casanova and Henry James to Ladies Home Journal and Adrienne Rich, along with trial records, love letters,

Woman and nature : the roaring inside her

In this famously provocative cornerstone of feminist literature, Susan Griffin explores the identification of women with the earth--both as sustenance for humanity and as victim of male rage.

Lost Landscapes and the Spatial Contextualization of Queerness

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Lesbian, gay, and bisexual1 habitation of outdoor and indoor environments has become a major topic in queer2 theory and spatial issues3 have come to represent new frontiers in the politics of our

Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power

A Lorde died in November, 1992. Audre Lorde was author of more than a dozen books of poetry and prose, recipient of national and international awards, and a founding member of Kitchen Table: Women of