TOR1 and TOR2 have distinct locations in live cells.

  title={TOR1 and TOR2 have distinct locations in live cells.},
  author={Thomas W. Sturgill and Adiel Cohen and Melanie Diefenbacher and Mark Trautwein and Dietmar E. Martin and Michael N. Hall},
  journal={Eukaryotic cell},
  volume={7 10},
TOR is a structurally and functionally conserved Ser/Thr kinase found in two multiprotein complexes that regulate many cellular processes to control cell growth. Although extensively studied, the localization of TOR is still ambiguous, possibly because endogenous TOR in live cells has not been examined. Here, we examined the localization of green fluorescent protein (GFP) tagged, endogenous TOR1 and TOR2 in live S. cerevisiae cells. A DNA cassette encoding three copies of green fluorescent… CONTINUE READING


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