TOPICAL REVIEW: Solitons in the Higgs phase: the moduli matrix approach

  title={TOPICAL REVIEW: Solitons in the Higgs phase: the moduli matrix approach},
  author={Minoru Eto and Youichi Isozumi and Muneto Nitta and Keisuke Ohashi and Norisuke Sakai},
  journal={Journal of Physics A},
We review our recent work on solitons in the Higgs phase. We use U(NC) gauge theory with NF Higgs scalar fields in the fundamental representation, which can be extended to possess eight supercharges. We propose the moduli matrix as a fundamental tool to exhaust all BPS solutions, and to characterize all possible moduli parameters. Moduli spaces of domain walls (kinks) and vortices, which are the only elementary solitons in the Higgs phase, are found in terms of the moduli matrix. Stable… 

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