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TOI-257b (HD 19916b): A Warm sub-Saturn on a Moderately Eccentric Orbit Around an Evolved F-type Star

  title={TOI-257b (HD 19916b): A Warm sub-Saturn on a Moderately Eccentric Orbit Around an Evolved F-type Star},
  author={Brett C. Addison and Duncan J. Wright and Belinda A. Nicholson and Bryson Cale and Teo Mocnik and Daniel Huber and Peter Plavchan and Robert A. Wittenmyer and Andrew Vanderburg and William J. Chaplin and Ashley Chontos and Jake T. Clark and Jason D. Eastman and Carl A. Ziegler and Rafael Brahm and Bradley D. Carter and Mathieu Clerte and N'estor Espinoza and Jonathan Horner and John Bentley and Stephen R. Kane and John F. Kielkopf and Emilie Laychock and Matthew W. Mengel and Jack Okumura and Keivan G. Stassun and Timothy R. Bedding and Brendan P. Bowler and Andrius Burnelis and Michaela Collins and Ian J. M. Crossfield and Allen B. Davis and Dag Evensberget and Alexis Heitzmann and Steve B. Howell and Nicholas M. Law and Andrew W. Mann and Stephen Philip Marsden and James O'connor and Avi Shporer and Catherine J. Stevens and Chris G. Tinney and Christopher Tylor and Songhu Wang and Hai-qing Zhang and Th. Henning and Diana Kossakowski and George Ricker and P Sarkis and Roland Vanderspek and David W Latham and Sara Seager and Joshua N. Winn and J M Jenkins and Ismael Mireles and Pam Rowden and Joshua Pepper and Tansu Daylan and Joshua E. Schlieder and Karen Collins and Kevin I. Collins and Thiam-Guan Tan and Warrick Ball and Sarbani Basu and Derek Buzasi and Tiago L. Campante and Enrico Corsaro and L Gonz{\'a}lez-Cuesta and Guy R. Davies and Rafael A.Garc'i a and Zhao Guo and Rasmus Handberg and Saskia Hekker and Daniel R. Hey and Thomas Kallinger and Steven D. Kawaler and Cenk Kayhan and James S. Kuszlewicz and Mikkel N. Lund and Alexander Lyttle and Savita Mathur and Andrea Miglio and Benoit Mosser and Martin B. Nielsen and Aldo M. Serenelli and V'ictor Silva Aguirre and Nathalie Themessl},
  • Brett C. Addison, Duncan J. Wright, +84 authors Nathalie Themessl
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • We report the discovery of a warm sub-Saturn, TOI-257b (HD 19916b), based on data from NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). The transit signal was detected by TESS and confirmed to be of planetary origin based on radial-velocity observations with the Minerva-Australis telescope array. An analysis of the TESS photometry, the Minerva-Australis, FEROS, and HARPS radial velocities, and the asteroseismic data of the stellar oscillations reveals that TOI-257b has a mass of $M_P=0.134… CONTINUE READING

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