TOI-216: Resonant Constraints on Planet Migration

  title={TOI-216: Resonant Constraints on Planet Migration},
  author={David Nesvorn{\'y} and Ondřej Chrenko and Mario Flock},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
TOI-216 is a pair of close-in planets with orbits deep in the 2:1 mean motion resonance. The inner Neptune-class planet (TOI-216b) is near 0.12 au (orbital period P b ≃ 17 days) and has a substantial orbital eccentricity (e b ≃ 0.16) and large libration amplitude (A ψ ≃ 60°) in the resonance. The outer planet (TOI-216c) is a gas giant on a nearly circular orbit. We carry out N-body simulations of planet migration in a protoplanetary gas disk to explain the orbital configuration of TOI-216… 


Tucson, AZ: Arizona
  • AJ, 155,
  • 2015