TLR9 activation is defective in common variable immune deficiency.

  title={TLR9 activation is defective in common variable immune deficiency.},
  author={Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles and Lin Radigan and Adina Kay Knight and Li Zhang and Laura Bauer and A. Nakazawa},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={176 3},
Common variable immune deficiency (CVID) is a primary immune deficiency characterized by low levels of serum immune globulins, lack of Ab, and reduced numbers of CD27+ memory B cells. Although T, B, and dendritic cell defects have been described, for the great majority, genetic causes have not been identified. In these experiments, we investigated B cell and plasmacytoid dendritic cell activation induced via TLR9, an intracellular recognition receptor that detects DNA-containing CpG motifs from… CONTINUE READING


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