TLR Signaling Is Required for Salmonella typhimurium Virulence

  title={TLR Signaling Is Required for Salmonella typhimurium Virulence},
  author={Nicholas Arpaia and Jernej Godec and Laura Lau and Kelsey E. Sivick and Laura M. McLaughlin and M. Beatrix Jones and Tatiana Dracheva and Scott N. Peterson and Denise M Monack and Gregory M. Barton},
Toll-like receptors (TLRs) contribute to host resistance to microbial pathogens and can drive the evolution of virulence mechanisms. We have examined the relationship between host resistance and pathogen virulence using mice with a functional allele of the nramp-1 gene and lacking combinations of TLRs. Mice deficient in both TLR2 and TLR4 were highly susceptible to the intracellular bacterial pathogen Salmonella typhimurium, consistent with reduced innate immune function. However, mice lacking… CONTINUE READING