TIPRL Inhibits Protein Phosphatase 4 Activity and Promotes H2AX Phosphorylation in the DNA Damage Response

  title={TIPRL Inhibits Protein Phosphatase 4 Activity and Promotes H2AX Phosphorylation in the DNA Damage Response},
  author={K. Rosales and Michael A. Reid and Y. Yang and Thai Q. Tran and W. Wang and X. Lowman and Min Pan and M. Kong},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
  • K. Rosales, Michael A. Reid, +5 authors M. Kong
  • Published 2015
  • Biology, Medicine
  • PLoS ONE
  • Despite advances in our understanding of protein kinase regulation in the DNA damage response, the mechanism that controls protein phosphatase activity in this pathway is unclear. Unlike kinases, the activity and specificity of serine/threonine phosphatases is governed largely by their associated proteins. Here we show that Tip41-like protein (TIPRL), an evolutionarily conserved binding protein for PP2A-family phosphatases, is a negative regulator of protein phosphatase 4 (PP4). Knockdown of… CONTINUE READING
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