TIMELINESWikipedia: the happy accident

  title={TIMELINESWikipedia: the happy accident},
  author={Joseph M. Reagle},
Joseph Reagle's work on Wikipedia and its predecessors opened my eyes to a fascinating history. I'm delighted he has provided this account of the origin of the most interesting digital object since the Web itself. ---Jonathan Grudin 
Almost Wikipedia : Eight Early Encyclopedia Projects and the Mechanisms of Collective Action
Before Wikipedia was created in January 2001, there were seven attempts to create English-language online collaborative encyclopedia projects. Several of these attempts built sustainable communities
Creative Collaboration General Examination Administered by Mitch Resnick
The rapid diffusion of systems, such as email and discussions boards, instant messaging, wikis, and social media, has facilitated collaboration among previously unprecedentedly large groups, and the challenges to supporting and reproducing the most successful of these examples are overwhelming.
Die Software sozialer Medien
Der Beitrag fokussiert aus der Perspektive der Software Studies auf die technischen Voraussetzungen sozialer Medien. Ausgangspunkt ist, dass die Ausgestaltung von Software politische Zuge tragt.
Activity-based Data Fusion for Automated Progress Tracking of Construction Projects
In recent years, many researchers have investigated automated progress tracking for construction projects. These efforts range from 2D photo feature extraction to 3D laser scanners and Radio


Weaving the web - the original design and ultimate destiny of the World Wide Web by its inventor
The alkaline battery separator has not only an extremely low electrical resistance and a high alkali resistance but also a transmission-inhibitive ability for the active materials of battery and is excellent in mechanical strength and flexibility.