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THz based phase space manipulation in a zero-slippage IFEL

  title={THz based phase space manipulation in a zero-slippage IFEL},
  author={Emma Curry and S. Fabbri and Pietro Musumeci and Avraham Gover},
  journal={arXiv: Accelerator Physics},
We describe an IFEL interaction driven by a guided broadband THz source to compress a relativistic electron bunch and synchronize it with an external laser pulse. A high field near single-cycle THz pulse, generated via optical rectification from the external laser source, is group velocity-matched to the electron bunch inside a waveguide, allowing for a sustained interaction in a magnetic undulator. We present measurements of the THz waveform before and after a curved parallel plate waveguide… 



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Peer review, at its best, should aim to provide authors and editors with rigorous and constructive feedback resulting in an improved study, and there is clearly room for improvement, the current system is not broken.

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A large population-based survey of veterans and nondeployed controls found evidence of a deployment-related Gulf War syndrome by factor analysis in Air Force veterans and controls.

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