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THz-Raman Identification of labile products in the system "phenol-semiquinone-quinone"

  title={THz-Raman Identification of labile products in the system "phenol-semiquinone-quinone"},
  author={E. A. Iasenko V.P. Chelibanov A.M. Polubotko},
  journal={arXiv: Chemical Physics},
The paper presents the results of SERS studies of the dynamic behavior of "phenol-semiquinone-quinone" system. This system is a key part of chemiluminescent sensors for reactive oxygen species. The dynamics of the system seems to be very important in the processes that determine the secondary metabolism at the cellular level in molecular biology. THz Raman spectra were recorded for the labile products formed in the processes initiated by proton transfer. A mechanism of the proton-transfer… 
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