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THSORT: A Single-Processor Parallel Sorting Algorithm

  title={THSORT: A Single-Processor Parallel Sorting Algorithm},
  author={Shi Yao},
  journal={Journal of Software},
  • Shi Yao
  • Published 2003
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Software
Sorting is an important operation of transaction processing. It is a relatively mature field, as many algorithms for memory sorting, disk sorting and parallel sorting have come forth in the past decades. In this paper, the sorting algorithm is studied from a thoroughly different standpoint, and the THSORT (Tsinghua SORT), a parallel sorting algorithm on a single computer, is brought forward. THSORT uses several processes to control different components of a computer, which enables the data… 
External Memory Sort On CGM 1 Clusters
This paper adapted HPVM MinuteSort, and borrowed the THsort idea to develop their external memory sort algorithm, which minimizes the I/O and communication costs.
An Improved Algorithm of Binary Balanced Tree with Super Large-scale Data Set
This paper analyses an improved algorithm of realizing super large-scale balanced tree efficiently in the concurrent environment and shows no detailed leap variation in time along with the increasing knots.
Adaptive Processing Scheme of Overflowed Buckets for Bucket Sort Algorithm
A more effective bucket sort algorithm, THShort2, which subtly handles the overflowed buckets, and is proofed theoretically and shown to be about triple times of NTSort, and 50% faster than THSort.
Uniformization of Discrete Data
It is demonstrated that the sparsity decides the uniformity of the transformed data, and that could be a good reason to explain both the success of the bucket sort in PennySort 2003 and the failure for the same algorithm with the data modified.


Sorting in parallel database systems
  • D. Taniar, J. Rahayu
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings Fourth International Conference/Exhibition on High Performance Computing in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • 2000
The authors present a taxonomy for parallel sorting in parallel database systems, which covers five sorting methods: namely parallel merge-all sort, parallel binary-mergesort, parallel redistribution binary-Merge sort, Parallel redistribution merge- all sort, and parallel partitioned sort.
Parallel Sorting by Regular Sampling
High-performance sorting on networks of workstations
We report the performance of NOW-Sort, a collection of sorting implementations on a Network of Workstations (NOW). We find that parallel sorting on a NOW is competitive to sorting on the large-scale
The External Heapsort
The authors define the Hillsort model of computation for external random-access sorting, develop the complete algorithm and prove it correct, which is shown that the refined version of the algorithm is on a par with the external merge sort.
Performance / Price Sort and PennySort
This paper documents this and proposes that the PennySort benchmark be revised to Performance/Price sort: a simple GB/$ sort metric based on a two-pass external sort.
Proportion Extend Sort
  • J. Chen
  • Computer Science
    SIAM J. Comput.
  • 2001
Empirical results show that the average number of comparisons is close to n log n-O(n) for some p, and this algorithm is yet faster, on average, than PROPORTION SPLIT SORT which is faster than CLEVER QUICKSORT.
Data Structures With Ada