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  author={Sneha Prabha and S. Veni and M. Hemalatha},
Data Mining is taking out of hidden pattern from a huge database. In data mining, machine learning is mainly focused as research which is mechanically learnt to identify complex patterns and make intelligent decisions based on data. These days Lung Tumor is one of the major causes of death in the developing countries. Today, lung tumor is the most frequent indication for thoracic surgery. By classification, general thoracic surgery includes knowledge, methodological skill and judgment to… 

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Performance of Classification Techniques on Medical Datasets
This study make use of Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis or in short, WEKA to compare the different classification techniques on different medical datasets to find the highest accuracy techniques.
Predicting Outcome of Thoracic Surgery by Data Mining Techniques
A wide range of data mining techniques is considered by using WEKA software package and accurate results have been obtained which suggest that using this approach to predict outcome of thoracic surgery is effective.
Comparative Study of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms on Thoracic Surgery Patients based on Ranker Feature Algorithms
This study has used the most famous and influential supervised machine learning algorithms, J48, Naïve Bayes, Multilayer Perceptron, and Random Forest to examine and explore the effect of used ranker feature selections on the machine learning classifiers.
Improved Prediction of Post-operative Life Expectancy after Thoracic Surgery
Three attribute ranking and selection methods are presented to improve algorithms performance for health outcomes research and it is shown that two papers results for other researchers are used in comparison to show the efficiency of these methods.
Prediksi Bedah Toraks Menggunakan Seleksi Fitur Forward Selection dan K-Nearest Neighbor
Abstrak— Kanker paru merupakan penyakit yang memerlukan tindakan penanganan yang cepat dan terarah, dimana penyebab paling tinggi dari kanker paru adalah merokok. Bedah toraks merupakan operasi yang


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The final result shows that the Random Forest outperforms than other four algorithms for classifying the type of injury severity of various traffic accidents.
Bayesian networks and decision trees in the diagnosis of female urinary incontinence
Performance measures in both networks indicate that Bayesian networks could provide a potentially useful tool in the management of female pelvic floor dysfunction.
Cardiac surgery report cards: comprehensive review and statistical critique.
Pattern of Recurrence after Curative Resection of Local (Stage I and II) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Difference According to the Histologic Type
Recurrence-free survival curves showed that non-squamous cell carcinoma had similar risks during early periods of follow-up and more risks after 2 yr from the operation compared to squamouscell carcinoma, which is a significant risk factor for recurrence- free survival.
Can chronic neuropathic pain following thoracic surgery be predicted during the postoperative period?
Identifying pain of predominantly neuropathic origin in the postoperative period with a simple pain score can help identify those at risk of developing chronic pain with these features following thoracic surgery.
Glomus Tumors of the Lung: Diagnostic Considerations and Treatment
Three cases of glomus tumors of the lung are presented with emphasis on the consideration of the method of diagnosis, histological findings and management.
Only half of the chronic pain after thoracic surgery shows a neuropathic component.
Severe Mediastinal Emphysema and Tension Pneumothorax Caused by Cough-Induced Intercostal Lung Herniation
Direct approximation of the ribs was performed, and the lung parenchymal surface was encased by absorbable materials, avoiding infection risk, and although the lung herniation recurred 5 months later, the patient did not desire additional surgical repair.
Intensive diabetes treatment and cardiovascular disease in patients with type 1 diabetes.
Intensive diabetes therapy has long-term beneficial effects on the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with type 1 diabetes, and changes between treatment groups remained significant after adjusting for these factors.
Probability of malignancy in solitary pulmonary nodules using fluorine-18-FDG and PET.
FDG-PET imaging can be a useful noninvasive test to determine the risk estimate or probability of cancer as well as preoperative staging in patients with radiographically indeterminate solitary pulmonary nodules.