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  title={THINGS: A STUDY},
  author={Munmun Sengupta},
Internet of Things (IoT) has been recognized as a part of future internet and ubiquitous computing. It creates a true ubiquitous or smart environment. It demands a complex distributed architecture with numerous diverse components, including the end devices and application and association with their context. This article provides the significance of middleware system for (IoT). The middleware for IoT acts as a bond joining the heterogeneous domains of applications communicating over… 

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A Survey of Middleware for Internet of Things

Comprehensive review of the existing middleware systems for IoT is provided here to achieve the better understanding of the current gaps and future directions in this field.

SOA-Based Integration of the Internet of Things in Enterprise Services

The work presented here proposes an architecture for an effective integration of the Internet of Things in enterprise services that will change the way businesses design, deploy, and use services.

Smart Semantic Middleware for the Internet of Things

The vision of a middleware for the Internet of Things, which will allow creation of self-managed complex systems, in particular industrial ones, consisting of distributed and heterogeneous components of different nature is described.

Middleware support for the "Internet of Things"

Global Sensor Networks' central concept is the virtual sensor abstraction which enables the user to declaratively specify XML-based deployment descriptors in combination with the possibility to integrate sensor network data through plain SQL queries over local and remote sensor data sources.

SIRENA - Service Infrastructure for Real-time Embedded Networked Devices: A service oriented framework for different domains

  • H. BohnA. BobekF. Golatowski
  • Computer Science
    International Conference on Networking, International Conference on Systems and International Conference on Mobile Communications and Learning Technologies (ICNICONSMCL'06)
  • 2006
The results of the SIRENA project are presented, insights into used technologies are provided and tools, components and services for advanced development, deployment and maintenance of devices are presented.

UbiRoad: Semantic Middleware for Context-Aware Smart Road Environments

UbiRoad middleware is proposed intending utilization of semantic languages and semantic technologies for declarative specification of devices’ and services’ behavior, application of software agents as engines executing those specifications, and establishment of common ontologies to facilitate and govern seamless interoperation of devices, services and humans.

Architectural survey of context-aware systems in pervasive computing environment

This survey is to make a survey of relevant architectures which mark the evolution of context-aware systems based on criteria related to pervasive computing and will serve as a guide to developers of context -aware systems and help them to make architectural choices.

ubiSOAP: A Service-Oriented Middleware for Ubiquitous Networking

The design, implementation, and experimentation of the ubiSOAP service-oriented middleware is discussed, which leverages wireless networking capacities to effectively enable the ubiquitous networking of services.

A survey of middleware for sensor networks: state-of-the-art and future directions

A survey and analysis of the current state-of-the art in the field, highlighting the open research challenges and drawing on the authors' experience with developing middleware for context-aware systems to propose some future directions for the development ofmiddleware for sensor networks.

Automizing home environments and supervising patients at home with the hydra middleware: application scenarios using the hydra middleware for embedded systems

This work presents a first step towards ubiquitous and context aware applications in the healthcare and home automation sector with the development of a domain-independent middleware and a wide spectrum of interests for application developers.