THETO — A Fast and High-Quality Partitioning Driven Global Placer

  title={THETO — A Fast and High-Quality Partitioning Driven Global Placer},
  author={Navaratnasothie Selvakkumaran and George Karypis},
Partitioning driven placementapproachesare often preferredfor fastandscalablesolutionsto largeplacementproblems.However, dueto the inaccuracy of representingwirelengthobjective by cut objective thequality of suchplacementsoften trails thequality of placementsproducedby purewirelengthdrivenplacements. In this paperwe presentTHETO, a new partitioningdriven global placement algorithm that retainsthe speedassociatedwith traditional partitioningdriven placementalgorithmsbut incorporatesa numberof… CONTINUE READING
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