author={C-E. A. Winslow},
  volume={51 1306},
  • C. Winslow
  • Published 8 November 2017
  • Medicine
  • Science
“All work and no play … ?” : a critical investigation of an emerging public health discourse on children’s play
The need to recognise this discourse as contingent, as one of many ways of conceptualising children's leisure activities, and of thinking about children’s health and social lives more generally, is underscored.
Assuring Healthy Populations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recognizing Women's Contributions in Addressing Syndemic Interactions
Examining the relationship between the syndemic model and the social determinants of health-exposome and the contributions of female health professionals to SDoH and the COVID-19 syndemic and proposing health policy to address syndemic-exposure interactions to help mitigate or prevent public health challenges are examined.
Mapping Digital Public Health Interventions Among Existing Digital Technologies and Internet-Based Interventions to Maintain and Improve Population Health in Practice: Protocol for a Scoping Review
This will be the first scoping review to fill the theoretical definitions of digital public health with concrete interventions and their characteristics and can serve as a blueprint for the development of futuredigital public health interventions.
Moving from Multidisciplinary to Transdisciplinary Approach in Public Health through Educational Reforms
In order to tackle the grave health challenges which transcend both national boundaries and disciplinary paradigm, diverse workforce converging from multidisciplinary backgrounds is paramount. Given
Gesundheit im Wandel
Unser Gesundheitszustand bestimmt unser Leben. Der menschliche Organismus ist bis zu einem bestimmten Grad in der Lage, sich zu regenerieren und anzupassen als Reaktion auf sich verandernde Um
Primary health care tasks in implementing the main operations of public health
An up-to-date list of public health operations and to where there is room for primary health care activities is presented and a questionnaire self-assessment tool for the evaluation of essentialpublic health operations in the WHo european Region was used.
Defining, Describing, and Categorizing Public Health Infrastructure Priorities for Tropical Cyclone, Flood, Storm, Tornado, and Tsunami-Related Disasters
A qualitative research literature review to analyze available databases to define and categorize public health infrastructure (PHI) priorities for tropical cyclone, flood, storm, tornado, and tsunami-related disasters identified workforce as the most important of the 13 thematic areas related to PHI and disasters.
Educational Attainment of the Public Health Workforce and Its Implications for Workforce Development
This study ascertains the levels of educational attainment among state health agency employees as well as the correlates of attainment.
New Public Health and National Public Health System
To overcome the challenges facing the public health system of Korea, it must prioritize the value of population-based approach, expand the notion of a public Health system to encompass all sectors that can influence health, promote a "Health in All Policies" approach, and focus on an evidence-based health policy and program.