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Semiotics; also called semiology was first used by the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure in the early twentieth century. As semiology is concerned with the general properties of sign language and other signal forms, it would be obvious to say that semiotics is the science of signs that allowed the proliferation of a number of perspectives and paved the way to other cultural phenomena that raised the study of signs through its denotative and connotative meanings. Linguists began to develop… 
Subliminal Messages in Comic Books: A Semiology Study on Ardian Syaf’s Case
The research aimed at knowing the meaning behind the symbols and messages, both the signifier and the signified which in the end could reveal the meta-language meaning. This research used Semiology
The structure of poetry in the collection of Lawas Kusaremen
Various of lawas Sumbawa encountered a connotative meaning of speech and contains a philosophical element. Similarly, the studies that have been encountered before, more raised elements of symbols
Domesticity + queer semiotics in the aesthetic movement
This thesis explores the economic, social, and semiotic landscape surrounding the Aesthetic Movement in Britain that aided in the birth of what may be one of the first expressions of a recognizable
A Comparative Study of Semiotics in Radio & TV News
Language is one of the most complex semiotic and the most common device to express thoughts and communication of human beings. This research analyzed comparative of semiotics in the Radio & TV news.
Bringing back the image into its frame: Barthes’ soldier and the contextual frame of human perception and interpretation of signs
Abstract In this article, the authors try to review the Paris-Match cover page (No. 326 from 1955) analyzed by Roland Barthes and introduces a new model of analyzing sign system from a new semiotic
Fabric-Rendered Identity: A Study of Dalit Representation in Pa. Ranjith’s Attakathi, Madras and Kabali
Cinema has played a role in caste politics in India. Its role ranges from special arrangement to consume the film to working in films based on caste based demarcated jobs. Films have always been in a
Discourse of Fear and Economic Crisis: A Multimodal Analysis of Pakistani Newspaper’s Political Cartoons of COVID-19
The study investigates COVID-19 language of fear and phobia in Pakistani newspaper's political cartoons. These cartoons are a powerful medium for visual communication of any current and significant
Representation of Female Superhero and Gender Roles in the Avengers: Endgame
This paper aims to present the study about the representation of female superhero characters and gender roles in Avenger: Endgame. This study is justified to be important as females usually have
Readers’ and Photojournalists’ Perceptions of Print Media Road Carnage Images in The Herald
ABSTRACT This study investigates possible semiotic and linguistic effects of road carnage visual images in print media, as perceived and conceptualised, respectively, by readers and photojournalists
Demystification of the Myth of Freedom in the Characterization of Christopher McCandless in Krakauer’s Into The Wild
While Krakauer’s Into The Wild depicts McCandless’ flee from society to live in the wild, many reviews argue that McCandless was not really a kind of person who finds freedom in nature. The present


Semiotics: An Introductory Anthology
Robert E. Innis Introduction Charles S. Peirce Logic as Semiotic: The Theory of Signs Ferdinand De Saussaure The Linguistic Sign V.N. Volosinov Verbal Interaction Karl Buhler The Key Principle: The
2009.Key Ideas in Linguistics and Philosophy of Language. Edinburg
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