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This catalog summarizes 117 high-confidence ⩾0.1 GeV gamma-ray pulsar detections using three years of data acquired by the Large Area Telescope (LAT) on the Fermi satellite. Half are neutron stars discovered using LAT data through periodicity searches in gamma-ray and radio data around LAT unassociated source positions. The 117 pulsars are evenly divided into three groups: millisecond pulsars, young radio-loud pulsars, and young radio-quiet pulsars. We characterize the pulse profiles and energy… 
Constraining millisecond pulsar geometry using time-aligned radio and gamma-ray pulse profile
Context. Since the launch of the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope, several hundred gamma-ray pulsars have been discovered, some being radio-loud and some radio-quiet with time-aligned radio and
Radio pulsars with expected gamma radiation and gamma-ray pulsars as pulsating radio emitters
Pulsars play a crucial astrophysical role as highly energetic compact radio, X-ray and gamma-ray sources. Our previous works show that radio pulsars identified as pulsing gamma-ray sources by the
Searching a Thousand Radio Pulsars for Gamma-Ray Emission
Identifying as many gamma-ray pulsars as possible in the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) data helps test pulsar emission models by comparing predicted and observed properties for a large, varied
Six Faint Gamma-ray Pulsars Seen with the Fermi Large Area Telescope -- Towards a Sample Blending into the Background
Context: GeV gamma-ray pulsations from over 140 pulsars have been characterized using the Fermi Large Area Telescope, enabling improved understanding of the emission regions within the neutron star
Detection and Timing of Gamma-Ray Pulsations from the 707 Hz Pulsar J0952−0607
The Low-Frequency Array radio telescope discovered the 707 Hz binary millisecond pulsar (MSP) J0952−0607 in a targeted radio pulsation search of an unidentified Fermi gamma-ray source. This source
An extremely bright gamma-ray pulsar in the Large Magellanic Cloud
The detection of pulsed giga–electron volt gamma rays from the young pulsar PSR J0540–6919 in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, is reported, the first gamma-ray pulsar detected in another galaxy.
The Einstein@Home Gamma-ray Pulsar Survey. II. Source Selection, Spectral Analysis, and Multiwavelength Follow-up
We report on the analysis of 13 gamma-ray pulsars discovered in the Einstein@Home blind search survey using Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) Pass 8 data. The 13 new gamma-ray pulsars were discovered
Known Pulsars Identified in the GMRT 150 MHz All-Sky Survey
We have used the 150 MHz radio continuum survey (TGSS ADR) from the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) to search for phase-averaged emission toward all well-localized radio pulsars north of −53°
Due to the low gamma-ray fluxes from pulsars above 50 GeV and the small collecting area of space-based telescopes, the gamma-ray emission discovered by the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) in ∼150
We present new Chandra and XMM-Newton observations of a sample of eight radio-quiet (RQ) γ-ray pulsars detected by the Fermi Large Area Telescope. For all eight pulsars we identify the X-ray