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  author={M. Fitzgerald},
The Amorites and the Bronze Age Near East
In this book, Aaron A. Burke explores the evolution of Amorite identity in the Near East from ca. 2500–1500 BC. He sets the emergence of a collective identity for the Amorites, one of the most famousExpand
Women's Writing of Ancient Mesopotamia: An Anthology of the Earliest Female Authors
Women's Writing of Ancient Mesopotamia presents fresh and engaging translations of works that were composed or edited by female scribes and elite women of the ancient Near East. These texts provideExpand
Hammurabi’s Code: A primary datum in the conjoined professions of medicine and law
  • J. Pearn
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • The Medico-legal journal
  • 2016
Hemmurabi is the pioneer of “medical” laws as these have evolved to their sophisticated state today, and those of the medico-legal specialties in particular, trace their origins to Hammurabi's Code. Expand
The First Dynasty of the Sealand in History and Tradition
In the latter half of the eighteenth century B.C.E. (in the Middle Chronology), the southernmost regions of Mesopotamia started rebelling against Babylonian royal power, merely one generation afterExpand
The Cult of the Deified King in Ur III Mesopotamia
The topic of divine kingship in Mesopotamia, and in the Ur III period (ca. 2112-2004 B.C. E.) in particular, has been the subject of studies focused on aspects such as its ideology, rhetoric,Expand
Love or Death? Observations on the Role of the Gala in Ur III Ceremonial Life
on the figure of this elusive cultic functionary.1 I have put "Emesal dialect" in quotations as it is hardly a dialect, but simply a mode of elocution, and we can now appreciate that its origins, asExpand


Zu einigen Jahresdaten Enlil-bānis von Isin
Lors de fouilles effectuees a Isin, ont ete trouves environ 80 documents administratifs datant du regne de Enlil-bani (1862-1839 av. JC) et concernant les depenses quotidiennes du palais royal enExpand
Crafts in the Early Isin Period: A Study of the Isin Craft Archive from the Reigns of Išbi-Erra and Šū-ilišu@@@Crafts in the Early Isin Period: A Study of the Isin Craft Archive from the Reigns of Isbi-Erra and Su-ilisu
La presente synthese porte sur 920 tablettes qui forment un ensemble tout a fait unique dans la documentation cuneiforme. Couvrant une periode de 33 ans, elles datent du tout debut de l'histoireExpand
Die "zweite Zwischenzeit" Babyloniens
Provinzen des neusumerischen Reiches von Ur
Die im Istanbuler Museum aufbewahrten Tafeln Ni. 2464, hier „A" genannt, und Ni. 2438, ,,B", stammen aus Nippur und enthalten sumerische Texte in altbabylonischer Schrift, die ich hier mit gütigerExpand
Sin-Iddinam of Larsa. New Tablets from His Reign
  • A. Goetze
  • History
  • Journal of Cuneiform Studies
  • 1950
Cornell University Library 78 The t£Xt (autograph on the next page) reads as follows: cbv. igi.du84 lugal 24CC+54C+57 (gur) 3 (PI) 5 (sot) 7 qa gur se.gis<.ia sap. nlg. ga-ra 1SCC+ 24C 21 (gur) 3Expand
The Sumerian King List
Sumerian Brands and Branding-Irons
L'A. s'interesse au verbe za su en sumerien signifiant marquer. Il apparait dans des textes presargoniques a Lagash en Irak. Il fait une etude de la terminologie du mot et de son evolution au coursExpand
Computer-aided analysis of Amorite
Watercourses and Water Rights in the Official Correspondence from Larsa and Isin
  • M. Rowton
  • History
  • Journal of Cuneiform Studies
  • 1967
Civilisation in the alluvial plain of Mesopotamia depended to a significant extent on control and maintenance of the watercourses? whether river branches or canals. Consequently it is important toExpand