author={Andrew Pettegree and Matthew Hall},
  journal={The Historical Journal},
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Perceptions of the role of the book in the Reformation are shaped by our knowledge of the German print world during the first decades of Protestant expansion. All indications point to evangelical domination of the press in the years when Luther first became a public figure, when the printed book undoubtedly played a crucial role in the dissemination of the evangelical message, and printing enjoyed a period of exuberant growth. But it is by no means certain that assumptions derived from this… 

Religion and the emergence of print in colonial India: Arumuga Navalar’s publishing project

This article offers one of the first scholarly analyses of the impact of print on religion in India in the middle of the nineteenth century. It focuses on the publishing project of Arumuga Navalar,

Print, Religion, and Canon in Colonial India: The publication of Ramalinga Adigal's Tiruvarutpa*

Abstract In India in the 1860s, print was becoming the primary medium for the reproduction of religious texts. The accessibility of print, and its ready uptake within a highly stratified and

High clergy and printers: anti‐Reformation polemic in the kingdom of Poland, 1520–36

Scholarship on anti-Reformation printed polemic has long neglected east-central Europe. This article considers the corpus of early anti-Reformation works produced in the Polish monarchy (1517–36), a

Women and Wives: the Language of Marriage in Early Modern English Biblical Translations

The article shows the ways in which an idiom of marriage became normative in early modern English translations of the Hebrew Bible. Focusing on successive biblical versions (especially from Tyndale's

Polemics and Proverbs: Religious Controversy in England, ‘German Lips,’ and the Character of a Genre

  • A. Ayris
  • Linguistics
    Reformation & Renaissance Review
  • 2019
ABSTRACT This article firstly reconstructs the usage and meaning of the early-modern English proverb ‘as just as German’s lips.’ It demonstrates that the meaning of the proverb, which has never been

Exploring the role of the church as a ‘reformation agency’ in enhancing a socially transformative agenda in South Africa

International political, social, economic and religious developments influence how local communities operate. The South African church society is influenced by such developments taking place globally

Reading and Hearing in Ancient Contexts

This article clarifies a perennial problem relating to the concept of ‘orality’ in Gospels studies and attempts to provide some resolution to that problem. Specifically, Gospels criticism has

Printing the Weather: Knowledge, Nature, and Popular Culture in Two Sixteenth-Century German Weather Books

This article analyzes two vernacular German books that offered learned guidance for how to use natural observation as a means of gaining knowledge of the weather. Published a combined seventy-seven

Migrating Ministry: New Media Literacy and Christian Communication

This thesis explores ways evangelical Christian communicators remediate traditional ministry functions and community formation onto new media platforms. This exploration is framed by a discussion of

Spatial and Temporal Dimensions for Legal History

The spatiotemporal conjunction is a fundamental aspect of the juridical reflection on the historicity of law. Despite the fact that it seems to represent an issue directly connected with the question



Beneath the Cross: Catholics and Huguenots in Sixteenth-Century Paris

The religious conflicts of sixteenth-century France, in particular the St Bartholomew's Day massacres of 1572, continue to draw a good deal of attention from historians. What started as a limited

Hatred in Print : Catholic Propaganda and Protestant Identity During the French Wars of Religion

Contents: Introduction Print, censorship, and the vernacular during the French Wars of Religion The problem of violence during the French Wars of Religion Polemic, debate and opinion forming in

Bibliography of French Bibles: Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century French-Language Editions of the Scriptures.Bettye Thomas Chambers

Since 1900-1901 interested experts have found an extremely useful guide in the bibliography of French Bibles and New Testaments compiled by W.J. van Eys. In fact it was reprinted as recently as 1963.

On Doré see Francis Higman, Piety and the people : religious printing in French

  • 1996