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Witold Manczak has argued that Gothic is closer to Upper German than to Middle German, closer to High German than to Low German, closer to German than to Scandinavian, closer to Danish than to Swedish, and that the original homeland of the Goths must therefore be located in the southernmost part of the Germanic territories, not in Scandinavia (1982, 1984, 1987a, 1987b, 1992). I think that his argument is correct and that it is time to abandon Iordanes’ classic view that the Goths came from… 
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A Comparative Grammar of the Early Germanic Languages

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Fulk’s Comparative Grammar offers an overview of and bibliographical guide to the study of the phonology and the inflectional morphology of the earliest Germanic languages, with particular attention

The relevance of certain Semiticisms in the Gothic New Testament

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It is worth emphasizing that it is not the generic Greek language which exerts Hellenizing influence on Gothic, but rather the Greek New Testament specifically. This is demonstrated by the

The Burgundian language and its phylogeny

The Burgundian language is one of several smaller early Germanic languages that are scarcely attested and often under-researched. Moreover, it is commonly classified as an ‘East Germanic’ language,



Language and History in the Early Germanic World

Introduction Part I. The Germanic World: 1. Religion 2. Law 3. Kinship 4. Warfare 5. People and army 6. Lordship 7. Kingship Part II. Contact with the Non-Germanic World: 8. Contact with the Celts 9.

Kamen die Goten aus Skandinavien?

Seit Jordaiies, d.h. seit mehr als 1400 Jahren, wird behauptet, die Goten, deren Reich am Schwarzen Meer Ende des 4. Jh.s zusammenbrach, seien dahin über die Weichselmündung aus Skandinavien

Goths and Romans, 332-489

This book examines the collision of Goths and Romans in the fourth and fifth centuries. In these years Gothic tribes played a major role in the destruction of the western half of the Roman Empire,

Die Goten und Skandinavien

Geschichte der gotischen Sprache

Goths and Romans

The High German consonant shift

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