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THE OODA LOOP (OBSERVE, ORIENT, DECIDE, ACT) Applying Military Strategy to High Risk Decision Making and Operational Learning Processes for on Snow Decision Makers

  title={THE OODA LOOP (OBSERVE, ORIENT, DECIDE, ACT) Applying Military Strategy to High Risk Decision Making and Operational Learning Processes for on Snow Decision Makers},
  author={Mark D. Kelly},
  • M. Kelly
  • Published 29 September 2014
  • Political Science
The OODA Loop strategy is a concept of situational awareness first developed in the mid-1950s, by USAF Colonel John Boyd. While the origins of the OODA Loop lie in strategic military operations, the concept has been applied with great success in the realms of business, litigation, intelligence and information gathering, law- enforcement and even advanced medical treatment. For the modern risk manager, this concept will seem extremely familiar. The OODA Loop is simply a recurring cycle of… 
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Compared with traditional simulation methods that consider objective factors such as loss rate and support rate, the OODA-loop-based hierarchical game analysis can analyze the confrontation situation more comprehensively.

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1Dr. Sehrish Qayyum* 2Dr. Umbreen Javaid 1. Academic Advisor at Pakistan Navy War College (PNWC) Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 2. Dean, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of the Punjab,



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This paper proposes that John Boyd s OODA Loop model is an accurate depiction of both behavior and the command and control process, and serves as the foundation for prosecuting control war.

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