author={Lindy Heinecken},
  journal={Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies},
  • L. Heinecken
  • Published 20 May 2015
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies
Sociology offers a distinctive way of seeing and explaining the social world within which we live, as well as the events and institutions that shape it. Given this, it is surprising that the study of war by sociologists has been largely at the margins of the discipline. This has not always been the case, if one reflects on the work of the founding fathers of sociology – Marx, Weber and Durkheim. While the ‘sociology of war’ still does not feature strongly within the discipline, this article… 

Influence of military identity on social adaptation of Ukrainian veterans

The article examines the influence of different forms of the military identity of veterans on the degree of their social adaptation. We define “military identity” as a result of the social identity

Voluntary Work during Times of Military Crisis: What Motivates People to Be Involved and What Are the Effects on Well-Being?

The positive health effects of volunteering are quite well described in the literature; however, potential negative effects of volunteering are less explored. Volunteering got attention in Ukraine

All-encompassing ethnographies: Strategies for feminist and equity-oriented institutional research

This article addresses the challenges inherent to conducting ethnography in all-encompassing institutions and presents strategies for equity-oriented research in such restrictive settings.

Social capital and well-being in the transitional setting of Ukraine

This research examines the impact of the military conflict in Ukraine on informal volunteering activities in the political, economic and social spheres and the role these activities played in shaping public perceptions of the conflict.

The influence of tourism on Soweto's residents' subjective well-being

Tourism is one of the world’s most valuable industries and a very important tool for economic growth. However, once tourism development occurs in an area, it alters the physical landscape of the area

Social capital transformation, voluntarily services and mental health during times of military conflict in Ukraine

Social relations and trust play a role in peace building and co-operation in war as well as military conflict include long-term physical and psychological harm to children and adults.

Bordieuan Field Theory as an Instrument for Military Operational Analysis

This book uses Pierre Bourdieu’s field theory as a lens through which to examine military operations. Novel in its approach, this innovative text provides a better, more nuanced understanding of th



How Pacifist Were the Founding Fathers?: War and Violence in Classical Sociology

Most commentators agree that the study of war and collective violence remains the Achilles heel of sociology. However, this apparent neglect is often wrongly attributed to the classics of social

Violence and society: Introduction to an emerging field of sociology

  • S. Walby
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 2013
The analysis of violence is an important part of sociology. While it has sometimes been pushed to the margins of sociology, nevertheless, violence emerges repeatedly in the analysis of both everyday

The Nation-state and Violence: Volume Two of a Contemporary Critique of Historical Materialism

'The twentieth century is' as Anthony Giddens reminds us in his introduction (p. 3), 'a bloody and frightening one'. And the violence has not, for the most part, been the result of the fierce class

Rape of the Congo: Understanding sexual violence in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Abstract Though the occurrence of rape in the conduct of war is by no means historically new, research into its causes and functions has only really begun in the past couple of decades. War rape is a

The ‘New Wars’ Debate: A Historical Perspective is Needed

In recent years, a number of analysts have argued that qualitative changes have occurred in the nature of violent conflict and that it is now possible to think in terms of ‘new wars’ that are

New and Old Wars : Organized Violence in a Global Era

Mary Kaldor's New and Old Wars has fundamentally changed the way both scholars and policy-makers understand contemporary war and conflict. In the context of globalization, this path-breaking book has

Introduction to Special Issue

This special issue asks ‘What is violence?’ and as such it makes good on sociology’s neglect of what, by any account, constitutes a pressing reality for millions. Indeed, while the ‘scale and

Invisible institution : The military, war, and peace in pre-9/11 introductory sociology textbooks

War, peace, and the military are relatively invisible in introductory sociology textbooks immediately prior to September 11, 2001. Assuming a civilian knowledge gap on matters military, this study

Neopatrimonialism and the Political Economy of Economic Performance in Africa: Critical Reflections

During the past two decades, neopatrimonialism has become the convenient, all purpose, and ubiquitous moniker for African governance. The school of thought behind this research program, which the

Power Elite

  • C. Mills
  • Political Science
    Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining
  • 2014
The power elite, according to Mills, is composed of men who occupy positions of authority in major institutions and organizations in the economic, political, and military arenas that are wealthy, have prestigious jobs, and wield extraordinary decision making powers.