title={THE MESSENGER},
  author={Molefe Mokoene},
  journal={Before Our Eyes},
Recently NAFU SA and other role players expressed some criticism about government programmes. The criticism was not so much about the objectives and content of these programmes, but rather about their accessibility, or lack thereof, to emerging farmers. 

Closing the loop: surveying PIs who have not published their data

To fully close the loop on the end-to-end data-flow, ALMA has started in March 2015 to send survey questions to PIs where two years after the end of the proprietary period no publication making use of the delivered data could be identified.

Eyeless in America

This article examines 50 films produced and released between the years 2001 and 2012 that are concerned with the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Using Jacques Ellul’s theories set out in his

Iraq war films : defining a subgenre

Ankara : The Department of Communication and Design, Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent University, 2015.

International relations in the ancient Near East: The birth of a complete diplomatic system

Over the three millennia of ancient Near Eastern pre‐classical history, the second millennium BC represents a kind of ‘golden age’ as regards international relations. Particularly at the time of the

Malachi's eschatological Day of Yahweh: Its dual roles of cultic restoration and enactment of social justice (Mal 3:1-5; 3:16-4:6)

The theme of the Day of Yahweh is regarded as a central feature of the prophets' message to their contemporaries. It is the most striking and prominent theme in the Book of the Twelve. While Isaiah

Mixing of metals during star cluster formation: statistics and implications for chemical tagging

The authors acknowledge support from the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Projects funding scheme (project DP160100695).

Who discovered messenger RNA?

  • M. Cobb
  • Education
    Current Biology
  • 2015

Gender Systematics in Telescope Time Allocation at ESO

The results of a comprehensive statistical analysis of gender systematics in the time allocation process at ESO are presented and a small, but statistically significant, gender-dependent behaviour is measured for the OPC referees: both genders show the same systematics, but they are larger for males than females.

Canadian Ceramic Relief Murals: Studio Craft and Architecture – A Case Study of the Sturdy-Stone Centre Murals, 1975-1983

The modernist Sturdy-Stone Centre’s monumental ceramic mural project is the subject of this case study that examines its agency. Initiated in 1975 by the Saskatchewan government for their new

Finding resonance: applied audio drama, inquiry and fictionalising the real

ABSTRACT This article examines the tensions and possibilities of audio drama in applied theatre and qualitative inquiry. Drawing on our experiences of making participatory audio drama, we argue that