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  • Published 1 February 1987
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Analysis of long-term opioid prescribing practices in cancer patients at a pediatric tertiary institution

This chapter discusses the development of Bitcoin and its use as a store of value and its role in the global economy.

Cardiovascular Presentation in Pheochromocytoma: What We Should be Aware

The principal medical treatment for pheochromocytoma is a blockade of adrenergic receptors, but surgical or tumor resection often provides complete resolution of abnormal myocardial dysfunction or arrhythmias, so this approach remains the mainstay of treatment.

Concept Analysis of Spiritual Distress in Cancer Patients Using a Hybrid Model

To assess spiritual distress in patients with cancer based on the findings of this study, it is necessary to develop a suitable spiritual distress assessment scale.

Content and Accessibility of United States Medical School Websites During COVID-19 and the Online Interview Season

The study examining United States Medical School websites revealed a lack of online information for medical school applicants, and could be used to improve accessibility and information on medical school websites, which could help both applicants and medical schools themselves.

Effect of Muscle Energy Technique with Deep Friction Massage on Pain, Disability and Internal Rotation Range of Motion of Hip Joint in Individuals with Piriformis Syndrome

Experimental group who receive MET along with DFM shows greater improvement on pain, disability and IR ROM in individuals with piriformis syndrome than those in the control group who received U.S.T and piriformIS muscle stretching.

Periosteum Mimetic Coating on Structural Bone Allografts via Electrospray Deposition Enhances Repair and Reconstruction of Segmental Defects.

The efficacy study in a murine segmental femoral bone defect model demonstrates that the allograft coating composed of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) and bone morphogenetic protein-2 mimicking peptide significantly improves allografted healing as evidenced by decreased fibrotic tissue formation, increased periosteal bone formation, and enhanced osseointegration.

Shift Workers at Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

Several clinical interventions are offered, including work schedules, light therapy, medications, and dietary habits to improve the circadian synchronicity of shift workers and reduce their risk of morbidity and mortality.

Expression analysis of inflammatory response-associated genes in coronary artery disease

Dysregulation of inflammation-associated genes in the peripheral blood of CAD patients was revealed and supported the previously suggested role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of CAD.

Rethinking the Autonomic Nervous System

  • J. Blumer
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    Open Access Journal of Neurology & Neurosurgery
  • 2019
It is a complex and beautiful system that requires a deep dive into multiple systems to understand appropriately, and should be revisited often as the underlying cause of chronic dysfunctions.

A Case Report on Moyamoya Disease

A female patient aged 26 years who was admitted at the authors' hospital with chief complaints of right-sided weakness, slurring of speech, weakness of right lower limb, weakness and numbness of left lower limb from past one month and sudden fall down on the day of admission.