author={Jacques Adler},
  journal={The Historical Journal},
  pages={1065 - 1082}
  • J. Adler
  • Published 1 November 2001
  • History, Political Science
  • The Historical Journal
This review examines the state of current research on the fate of the Jews under the Vichy regime. Remarkable studies, from native and foreign scholars, dealing with the persecution of the Jews have examined aspects of that process hitherto ignored. They constitute a major contribution to our knowledge of the wartime involvement of the upper echelons of the French administration, the legal profession, and the banking system in the persecution of the Jews. And yet, despite recurring revelations… 

Anti-Jewish Policy and Organization of the Deportations in France and the Netherlands, 1940-1944: A Comparative Study

About 25 percent of approximately 320,000 Jews in France did not survive the Holocaust, whereas 75 percent of the 140,000 in the Netherlands perished. To what extent can these differences be

Returning to Exile?: The Retrieving and Rejecting of Jewishness in French Shoah Narrative

This thesis explores the intertwining (and often competing) identities of Jew and Frenchman that play out across the landscape of Shoah (Holocaust) literature in France. The study seeks to tease out

Religion in Vichy France: How Meso-Level Actors Contribute to Authoritarian Legitimation

  • Aliza Luft
  • Sociology
    European Journal of Sociology
  • 2020
Abstract Research on authoritarian legitimation suggests that rulers seek support through ideological, personalistic, performance-based, and procedural strategies. Typically, however, this work only

The Holocaust and New World Slavery

This volume offers the first, in-depth comparison of the Holocaust and new world slavery. Providing a reliable view of the relevant issues, and based on a broad and comprehensive set of data and

The historical re-evaluation of cultural heritage in modern post conflict situations

The loss of cultural heritage is familiar to us all in both current times with the looting of the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad and in the past as seen in the bombing of many cities during World War Two.

Recent Articles on French History

Adamowicz, E. “Etat Present: The Livre d’Artiste in TwentiethCentury France.” French Studies 63 (2009): 189–98. Alexandre, Alain. “Sur les rives du Cailly, la filature de coton Levavasseur.” Etudes

The Middle Passage

Understanding Black Slavery in the New World

  • S. Katz
  • History
    The Holocaust and New World Slavery
  • 2019

Considering Slave Demography in the New World

  • S. Katz
  • History
    The Holocaust and New World Slavery
  • 2019

German Labor Needs and the Murder of Jewish Men and Women

  • S. Katz
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    The Holocaust and New World Slavery
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