• Published 2014


TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Coun­ tries barred Libyan je ts from th e ir a irsp a ce and o rd e re d d ip lo m a ts to go hom e on Wednesday, tightening a noose a ro un d the A ra b c o u n try to pressure i t to tu rn over sus­ pects in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. The punitive measures were sa nc tio ns a pp roved by the United Nations, bu t a defiant L ibya tr ie d to f lo u t them by sending its je ts in to the sky. They were tu rned away — in one case by fighter jets. L ibya summoned d ip lom ats fro m B r ita in , F rance , Ita ly , Sweden, B e lg iu m and Czechoslovakia, and told them some of their number would be expelled, Libyan television re­ ported Wednesday night. Libya also said no Libyan airline tick­ ets would be sold to citizens of countries supporting the sanc­ tions. Although there is Arab senti­ m en t a ga in s t the sanctions , nations in the region abided by a U.N. resolution passed March 31 banning arms sales to Libya and calling on countries to cut back Libyan d ip lom atic staffs. Despite the grounding of flights, land and sea links rem ained, inc lud ing fe rry service to the nearby island of Malta. A t th is po in t, the sanctions could prove more troublesome than crippling. They do not in ­ clude a boycott o f L ib ya ’s o il sales, w h ic h accoun t fo r 90 percent o f the country ’s earn­ ings. B r it is h F o re ig n S e c re ta ry D oug las H u rd to ld B r it is h Broadcasting Corp. rad io that oil sanctions may be next. But th is would be a d iff ic u lt step, since the current sanctions re­ ceive only lukew arm support fro m m any S e cu rity C ouncil members and are not nearly as tough as those imposed on Iraq when it invaded Kuwait. Libyan crude is v ita l to the West, especially Italy, and some oil experts believe an embargo co u ld b a c k fire on W este rn economies. A tightening of the screws on T r ip o l i a lso w o u ld inc rease popular pressure on Arab gov­ ernments, which argue they are being asked to enforce sanc­ tio ns on a n o th e r A rab sta te while Israel, subject of num er­ ous U.N. resolutions, goes un­ punished.

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