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THE HUAYAN / KEGON / HWA Ŏ M PAINTINGS IN EAST ASIA 339 as long and complex as the Huayan

  title={THE HUAYAN / KEGON / HWA Ŏ M PAINTINGS IN EAST ASIA 339 as long and complex as the Huayan},
  author={Dorothy C. Wong},
Huayan (J. Kegon; K. Hwaŏm) Buddhism, whose teachings are based on the Huayan jing, the Avataṃsaka-sūtra or Flower Garland Sūtra, is one of the most important schools of East Asian Buddhism. The Huayan jing has provided inspiration for the creation of numerous artworks, ritual objects, and architectural complexes. We are familiar with the portrayals of Vairocana (Ch. Darirulai 大日如來, or Piluzhenafo 毘廬遮那佛), Mañjuśrī (Ch. Wenshu 文殊), and Samantabhadra (Ch. Puxian 普賢) – the “Three Holy Ones” of… 


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