title={THE HOBBIT, OR THERE AND BACK AGAIN — Selections},
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  • Published 23 July 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Primary Sources on Monsters

A cognitive linguistic approach to the analysis of fantasy text characters

D. M. Pavkin. A cognitive linguistic approach to the analysis of fantasy text characters. This article aims to suggest a procedure of analyzing fantasy text characters focusing on their evaluative

Bilbo’s hero’s journey through the scope of Campbell’s monomyth

The purpose of this article is to discuss how J.R.R Tolkien formulated the journey of a hero in his novel “The Hobbit or There and Back Again”. The article is aimed at explaining Bilbo’s journey

Winter 10-15-1996 Eating , Devouring , Sacrifice , and Ultimate Just Desserts

Bilbo’s fear of being eaten is expanded in The Lord of the Rings to include the Dark Lord’s “devouring”. In both the nursery sense of being “eaten up” and in the more sophisticated sense of

Authentic Representation and Author Identity: Exploring Mental Illness in The Hobbit Fanfiction

This paper addresses concerns with authenticity claims that surround mental illness and author identity in fanfiction. I will apply the critiques surrounding representation in media (see Mitchell and

An Unexpected Journey

It is rare when a group of teachers gets to embark on a sustained, collaborative journey together to transform their teaching. It is even rarer that this group gets to reflect on this work and take a

An intricate web: unweaving strands of convention in children’s fantasy series by Australians

Writing in 2012, Edward James comments that ‘one of the most unexpected developments of the last decade has been the domination of the popular fantasy genre by Australian women (and some Australian

Missing the sociopolitical: examining discourses of writing in a US high-performing, urban middle school

Purpose This paper aims to examine two teachers’ beliefs and practices on teaching writing at an urban, high-performing middle school to determine: What discourses of writing are being taught in an

A frame semantics based approach to comparative study of digitized corpus

It is argued that differences in motion events conceptualization across languages can be described with frame structure and frame-to-frame relations.

A Literary Study of Fear Factors and Psychological Blockings in the Harry Potter Series

This essay examines various fears presented in the Harry Potter series along with the psychological blockings connected to each fear. Furthermore, this study examines whether the effect of the

Procedural Puzzle Generation: A Survey

A detailed survey of existing work in PCG for puzzles is presented, reviewing 32 methods within 11 categories of puzzles and identifying a total of seven salient characteristics related to the methods, which are used to show commonalities and differences between techniques and to chart promising areas for future research.