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  author={Md. Faruque Miah and M. Niamul Naser and Md. Kawser Ahmed},
The freshwater mud eel Monopterus cuchia is a tasteful, nutritionally rich and medicinally valuable fish with high export demands which can play a unique role for socio-economic welfare of the area. This fish was rich in nature of Bangladesh, however, the populations of the freshwater eel are declining at an alarming rate from the natural water bodies due to several reasons specially for overfishing while increasing the population of this fish completely depends on natural reproduction, and… 

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Assessment of Genetic Diversity of Freshwater Mud Eel (Monopterus cuchia) Using RAPD and RFLP Markers
RAPD and RFLP analysis indicating the rich genetic diversity of this fish in the experimental ecological habitat and this would come helpful for the conservation of germplasm diversity and to support the sustainable breeding program of M. cuchia.
A Systematic Review about the Anatomy of Asian Swamp Eel (Monopterus albus)
The Asian swamp eel is commonly found in paddy field and it is native to the tropical and subtropical areas of northern India and Burma to China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and possibly northeastern Australia.
Discovery of a reproducing wild population of the swamp eel Amphipnous cuchia (Hamilton, 1822) in North America
We report discovery of an established population of the Asian swamp eel Amphipnous cuchia (Hamilton, 1822) in Bayou St. John, an urban waterway in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. This fish, commonly
Asian swamp eels in North America linked to the live-food trade and prayer-release rituals
The international live-food trade constitutes the major introduction pathway, a conclusion based on United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s Law Enforcement Management Information System (LEMIS) database records revealing regular swamp eel imports from Asia since at least the mid-1990s.
Effect of Antimicrobial Peptides on the Growth and Immunity of Swamp Eels
This study aimed to investigate the effect of different levels of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) supplementation in the diet feed on growth performance, survival rate, biochemical parameters in swamp


Reproductive biology of air-breathing freshwater mud eel, Monopterus cuchia (Hamilton) from Bangladesh
Reproductive biology of an air-breathing freshwater mud eel, Monopterus cuchia (Hamilton) has been described in terms of sex- dimorphism, gonadosomatic index, ova diameter and fecundity. The
Studies on Intensity of Cestodes Parasite Infecting Monopterus cuchia in Cachar District, Assam
Further study is still required to reveal many enclosed parasitic infection of fishes and its causation, particularly in this region with high diversity of fishes.
Effect of different feeds on growth, survival and production of freshwater mud eel, Monopterus cuchia (Hamilton)
It is suggested that dead small fish are suitable for the culture of M. cuchia in cemented cisterns on the basis of better growth, survival rate and production.
Assessment of Genetic Variability among Individuals of Freshwater Mud Eel, Monopterus cuchia in a Population of Bangladesh
Genetic variability of eleven individuals of Monopterus cuchia from "Tanguar Haour", Sunamganj, Bangladesh, was studied based on RAPD analysis and a phylogenetic dendrogram was constructed by UPGMA method based on Squared Euclidean genetic distances.
Investigation on health condition of a freshwater eel, Monopterus cuchia from Ailee beel, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
The health conditions of freshwater mud eel, Monopterus cuchia of Ailee beel, Mymensingh district was investigated through clinical and histopathological observations from September 2005 to March
To investigate the technical and co-management aspects of mud eel (Monopterus cuchia) culture by ethnic (Adivasi) communities in the Northern Bangladesh
M cuchia semi-interiSive culture in rice field and ponds is a good proposition as an aquaculture technology to save the mud eel from declined and enhance the nutritional status and socio-economic improvement of the Adivasi people.
Molecular Identification and Sexual Differentiation of Freshwater Mud Eel, Monopterus cuchia
A successful protocol was developed to identify male and female M. cuchia through morphological, anatomical and histological analysis.
Observations on natural breeding and larval development of the common mud-eel Amphipnous cuchia (Ham.)
Amphipnous cuchia is a rare fish in India with a spawning period confined down to peak summer. The fish lays its eggs in especially prepared nest-holes and keeps a guard on the developing young ones.
Indigenous techniques of catching the mud eel, Monopterus cuchia (Ham.) in Goalpara district, Assam
Fishing techniques for catching the mud eel, Monopterus cuchia (Ham.) in Goalpara district, Assam was investigated during 2007-10 during the course of a base line survey conducted by the KVK
Acute toxicity study of Retinoic acid in the freshwater eel, Monopterus cuchia.
The calculated value of RA can be assumed to be used in various purposes such as in fish farming, in aquaculture etc as fishes are susceptible to various wounds, infection and diseases due to various environmental factors, pollution and many other reasons.