author={Edw. J. Nolan and Owen Jones Jones},
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have been preserved, and this is the part of the state in which one would look for the typical form, the problem of determining the species that formerly inhabited this region is not an easy one to solve. The northern limit of the range of the typical form has only been vaguely given by the different authorities. Thus Hahn' says " from the region of the Great Lakes," Rhoads' states that it occurs "from southern New York and Michigan," and Seton' gives it approximately the two southern tiers of… 

Phylogenetics and reticulate evolution in PISTACIA ( Anacardiaceae ) 1

Pistacia contains the economically important species, P. vera, the source of pistachio nuts and is an important fl oristic element in the vegetation of its distributional region.

Taxonomy and nomenclature of the neotropical Machaerium hirtum complex (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae)

Vegetative and reproductive characters were used to delimit the five species, and among the important characters are the dimensions and indumentum of the leaflets, bracteoles, calyx, and banner petal, and the presence of diadelphous stamens.

The correct name for a section of Ludwigia L. (Onagraceae)

Abstract In 1953, Hara provided new combinations for many sectional and species names when he combined Jussiaea L. with Ludwigia L., and at the time, Ludwigia sect. Oligospermum (Micheli) H.Hara was

A new species of Dendropanax (Araliaceae) from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Abstract. Dendropanax fluminensis, a new species of Araliaceae from the Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, is here described and illustrated. It is compared with morphologically similar

A revision of the Andean wax palms, Ceroxylon (Arecaceae)

The genus Ceroxylon is revised and twelve species are recognized and a key for the identification of the species is provided and illustrations and distribution maps are included for all species.

First record of Cnidoscolus obtusifolius Pohl (Euphorbiaceae) for Paraíba State, northeastern Brazil

Cnidoscolus obtusifolius Pohl (Euphorbiaceae), species so far known from Minas Gerais, Bahia, Alagoas and Pernambuco States in Brazil is reported for the first time for the State of Paraiba, in the

Schizaeales (Filicopsida, Tracheophyta) of Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil, with special reference to hybrids

Five hybrids from the region of Viçosa in Minas Gerais, Brazil are documented here, three of which are reported for the first time in the literature, and two are reported in Brazil for theFirst time in Brazil.

Nested in chaos: Insights on the relations of the ‘Nidularioid Complex’ and the evolutionary history of Neoregelia (Bromelioideae-Bromeliaceae)

A parsimony-based phylogenetic analysis with 101 morphological characters retrieved the Nidularioid Complex as non-monophyletic, highlighting the need for revision of the generic classification of Bromelioideae, pending increased sampling of taxa and characters.

Taxonomic notes on myrmecophilous Melastomataceae: A new species, two new synonyms, and an old species reconsidered

Miconia daironii, a new species of myrmecophilous Miconieae, is described, which can be recognized by domatia fully immersed in the leaf blade, lateral inflorescences, and winged hypanthia.