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  author={I. Barnes and P. Barnes},
* Introduction: towards the Europe? * Making the European Union work? * What has the Single Market achieved? * A common and integrated Transport Policy. * Free movement of the people? * Monetary integration in the European Union. * Paying for integration. * The reformed Common Agricultural Policy. * The Common Fisheries Policy. * Competition Policy in the EU. Industrial Policy in the EU. * Promoting new technology in the EU. * European Union Regional Policy. * European Union policy on the… Expand
Croatian Accession to the European Union: Facing the Challenges of Negotiations
The topic of the third volume of the Croatian Accession to the European Union series is joining the Union and its requirements as a key to the transformation of society. From the experience of otherExpand
How a court, a commissioner and a lobby group brought European transport policy to life in 1985
Until the mid-1980s, transport policy was considered by many as one of the least successful domains of the European integration project. However, from the early 1990s onwards, there are clear signsExpand
Whither synchronization?: The European Union transport policy and Turkey
This thesis mainly aims to identify opportunities and challenges for bolstering EU – Turkey cooperation on transport policy. The identification of the possible areas of cooperation is important sinceExpand
International regimes and credibility problems : an assessment of the role played by the EU in locking in Polish trade policy reform
The developments in trade and political relations between Poland and the European Union during the period of association is used to conduct an analysis of policy-making in transition and anExpand
Civil society in Central and Eastern Europe: The ambivalent legacy of accession
Civil society organisations in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) have remained weak players compared to their counterparts in established democracies. Given the particular incentives that the EUExpand
The Implications of Economic and Monetary Union on the Manufacturing Industry in Ireland.
The introduction of a single currency is one of the most historic events in the history of the European Union. One of the key areas in assessing the impact of Economic and Monetary Union, especiallyExpand
Welfare state formation in the enlarged European union – Patterns of reform in the post-communist new member states [Die Entwicklung von Wohlfahrtsstaaten in der erweiterten Europäischen Union – Reformen in den neuen post-sozialistischen Mitgliedsstaaten]
Eastern Enlargement of the European Union challenged the design of European Welfare states. Many authors discuss the impact of East European social security systems on their West EuropeanExpand
Trajectories of European Politics: An Introduction
This article introduces a specially commissioned issue of West European Politics marking the journal's 30th anniversary. It highlights profound changes in the European political landscape over theExpand
The Post-enlargement European Order: Europe ‘United in Diversity’?
The enlargement of the European Union has led to an increase of diversity within the European area. While the project of enlargement can be understood as one in which the European Union has sought toExpand
A Variable Oriented Comparative Strategy in the European Union
Abstract The conceptualization, specifications, and implementation of social policy in the European Union are being advanced as a “third way” constituting a “new synergy” of the social dimensionsExpand