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Satisfied, highly-motivated and loyal employees represent the basis of competitive company. The growth of satisfaction is to be reflected in the increase of productivity, improvement of the products’ quality or rendered services and higher number of innovations. Satisfied employees form positive reference to the employer and thus increase its attractiveness for potential job seekers and strengthen its competitive position in the market. Management of the company does not often know opinions of… 
The Impact of Communication Satisfaction in the Organizational Commitment of the Employees in the Department of Public Works and Highways Region X
The nature of different communicational channels and methods by which the top management can reach its employees within the organization is one of the most essential aspects of managing the
The impact of the non-financial incentives in employees in the public sector in Norway
The focus of organizations is to achieve high productivity. To attain organizational goals, it is imperative for organizations to invest in employees. They are important part of any organization. The
What is the Priority of factors affecting on accountants motivation from motivation dimension
Objective: Theorists know effective management of human resources as the key to organizational and they are very fast-moving organizations toward technology role of human as a vital and strategic
Organizational Trust and Employee Performance in Selected Hotels in Edo State of Nigeria
The seeming lack of trust between employees and their colleagues prompted this study. The broad objective of the study was to examine the extent of relationship that exists between organizational
Internal Marketing and Employee's Innovative Work Behavior: The Mediating Role of Job Embeddedness.
Despite a lot of research work on innovative work behavior, the research is not only inconclusive but still to develop a consensus on a single best antecedent of innovative work behavior. Innovative
Application Of Lev And Schwartz Compensation Model On The Accounting Practices Of MCF Limited
In this competitive world, the efficiency of the labour force determines the competency of the organisations, which indicates that human beings are the greatest asset for any firm. This paper
Analytical Maximization of Employees ’ Value : A Winning Strategy for Organizational Goal Attainment
In order to meet set goals, organizations need the efforts of employees, who in turn have values that the organization need to maximize. This empirical study attempted to examine if the use of
Recruitement Effectiveness of Employees to Support Performance
The research raises the issue about the declining agency staffing employees performance in the areas of education and training. The aspects which studied in this research are the recruitment
The qualitative indicators in human resource accounting
The paper focuses on one of the “non-traditional” fields of the Human Resources Management System – i.e. Human Resource Accounting (hereinafter referred to as “HRA”). It presents HRA as an integral


Factors of Efficiency of Multinational Companies in Slovenia
This paper investigates factors of the company efficiency for the sample of the multinational companies in Slovenia. Their efficiency performances are compared with similar Slovenian
The ROI of human capital
Chapter One: Human Capital—the Profit Lever of a Knowledge Economy In the current knowledge economy, people, not money, facilities, or equipment, are the critical differentiators of a business
The New Human Capital Strategy: Improving the Value of Your Most Important Investment--Year After Year
It is often said that the only true source of sustained competitive advantage is people. But what does that mean and how can this be measured and managed? How many organizations know whether their
The HR Value Proposition
The international best seller Human Resource Champions helped set the HR agenda for the 1990s and enabled HR professionals to become strategic partners in their organizations. But earning a seat at
The Relationship between Rewards and Employee Motivation in Commercial Banks of Pakistan
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