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  author={J. M. G. Fell},
Introduction. The idea of the structure space (or dual space) A of an associative algebra A was introduced by Jacobson in [8]. The space A consists of all kernels of irreducible representations of A, with the hull-kernel topology: An ideal / in A is in the closure of a subset B ol Ail I contains the intersection of the ideals in B. For unrestricted infinite-dimensional A, the dual space need not be Hausdorff or even Ti\ and in many situations it is not very useful. However, Gelfand and others… 
The primitive ideal space of the C*-algebra of the affine semigroup of algebraic integers
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to give a complete description of the primitive ideal space of the C*-algebra [R] associated to the ring of integers R in a number field K in the recent paper
On derivations and elementary operators on C*-algebras
  • Ilja Gogić
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • 2013
Abstract Let A be a unital C*-algebra with the canonical (H) C*-bundle $\mathfrak{A}$ over the maximal ideal space of the centre of A, and let E(A) be the set of all elementary operators on A. We
One of the main goals of representation theory is to understand the unitary dual of a topological group, that is, the set of irreducible unitary representations. Much of modern number theory, for
weak-topology on certain group algebras
We investigate possible preduals of the measure algebra M(G) of a locally compact group and the Fourier algebra A(G) of a separable compact group. Both of these algebras are canonically dual spaces
Unitary Representations of Groups, Duals, and Characters
This is an expository book on unitary representations of topological groups, and of several dual spaces, which are spaces of such representations up to some equivalence. The most important notions
Separation properties in the primitive ideal space of a multiplier algebra
We use recent work on spectral synthesis in multiplier algebras to give an intrinsic characterization of the separable C*-algebras A for which Orc(M(A)) = 1, i.e., for which the relation of
Harmonic analysis of Rajchman algebras.
Abstract harmonic analysis is mainly concerned with the study of locally compact groups, their unitary representations, and the function spaces associated with them. The Fourier and Fourier-Stieltjes
On unital C(X)-algebras and C(X)-valued conditional expectations of finite index
Let X be a compact Hausdorff space and let A be a unital C(X)-algebra, where C(X) is embedded as a unital -subalgebra of the centre of A. We consider the problem of characterizing the existence of a


Borel structure in groups and their duals
Introduction. In the past decade or so much work has been done toward extending the classical theory of finite dimensional representations of compact groups to a theory of (not necessarily finite
A Topology for the Set of Primitive Ideals in an Arbitrary Ring.
  • N. Jacobson
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1945
The Wedderburn-Artin structure theorem on simple rings satisfying the descending chain condition the authors have the theorem that if 21 is a primitive ring 7 0, W1 is isomorphic to a dense ring of linear transformations in a suitable vector space over a division ring.
On Rings with Involution
  • I. Herstein
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  • 1974
In this note we prove some results which assert that under certain conditions the involution on a prime ring must satisfy a form of positive definiteness. As a consequence of the first of our
An Introduction to Abstract Harmonic Analysis
An introduction to abstract harmonic analysis is one of the literary work in this world in suitable to be reading material and it will show you the amazing benefits of reading a book.
Les fonctions de type positif et la théorie des groupes
La théorie des groupes topologiques, bien que de création récente, constitue aujourd'hui une branche importante des mathématiques; elle englobe des théories comme: la mesure de Haar, la théorie du
Sur la Theorie des Representations Unitaires
Le but de ce travail est de pr6senter quelques r6sultats nouveaux-ainsi que d'autres-relatifs A la th6orie des representations unitaires des algebres involutives. Le Chapitre I concerne la th6orie
Unitarnye Predstavleniya Klassicheskih Grupp, Trudy Mat
  • Inst. Steklov.,
  • 1950
Les Algebres d'Operateurs dans l'Espace Hilbertien
  • J. Cooper
  • Mathematics
    The Mathematical Gazette
  • 1958
The Group Ring of a Locally Compact Group: I.
  • I. Segal
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1941