author={Donald Howard Menzel},
  journal={Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific},
  pages={70 - 70}
  • D. Menzel
  • Published 1 February 1931
  • Physics
  • Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Dr. J. A. Carroll has recently published some very important formulae dealing with physical conditions in nebulae. In the course of his study he reaches the conclusion that radiation from the star that is responsible for the nebular luminosity must be diluted by a factor of at least 10. This is to insure that an excited hydrogen atom will return to the ground state before jumping to a still higher energy state through absorption of a quantum of radiation. This result was of special interest to… 
Introduction of coherence in astrophysical spectroscopy
By confusing the radiance of a single mode light beam, constant in a transparent medium, with the irradiance which decreases away from the source, Menzel purports to show that coherent interactions
Propagation of light: Coherent or Monte-Carlo computation ?
Wrong Monte-Carlo computations are used to study the propagation of light in low pressure gas of nebulae. We recall that the incoherent interactions required for Monte Carlo calculations and
Optical Coherence in Astrophysics: The Powerful Alternative of Big Bang
The coherence of the interaction of light with a collisionless gas (Einstein 1917) founds the theory of gas lasers. It is, for the understanding of universe, a simpler and more powerful tool than
Coherent interactions of light with collisionless atomic hydrogen
The aim of this paper is a study of a theoretical optical system made up of distant, very hot spherical blackbodies (named stars) emitting light, protons and electrons cooled into Stromgren's shells
Rational astrophysics.
Rational astrophysics builds models which are studied using only usual, laboratory verified physics. Except close to stars and planets, molecular free paths in gas are larger than duration of pulses
Low pressure Strömgren spheres
Pressure in gas lasers is low to avoid collisions which produce detrimental incoherent scatterings. Thus, the assumption made for lower pressure gas in nebulae, that interactions are strictly
Lyman α forest of quasars
Apparent absence of frequency-shifted Lyman β and γ absorption lines of hydrogen atom in “Lyman α forest” of quasars while α lines are saturated, results from superposition of lines. Width of a sharp
Coherent interactions of low pressure atomic hydrogen with light emitted by an extremely hot black source
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Pourquoi faire compliqué (big bang) plutôt que simple (physique ordinaire) en astrophysique
Pourquoi faire complique (big bang) plutot que simple (physique ordinaire) en astrophysique ? Les astrophysiciens ignorent que toutes les interactions de lalumi ere avec les gaz sous tres basse
Absorption spectrum of very low pressure , relatively cold atomic hydrogen
Impulsive, Stimulated Raman Scattering (ISRS) is a coherent lightmatter interaction which may shift frequency of light while it propagates, as Rayleigh coherent scattering (refraction) dephases it.