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Yedoma Permafrost Genesis: Over 150 Years of Mystery and Controversy
Since the discovery of frozen megafauna carcasses in Northern Siberia and Alaska in the early 1800s, the Yedoma phenomenon has attracted many Arctic explorers and scientists. Exposed along coastal
Long-term changes in kelp forests in an inner basin of the Salish Sea
Distribution of the bull kelp Nereocystis luetkeana over 145 years in South Puget Sound is examined, a semi-protected inner basin in a fjord estuary complex in the northeast Pacific Ocean, with extreme losses in the two out of three sub-basins.
Use of Seismic Intensity Data to Predict the Effects of Earthquakes and Underground Nuclear Explosions in Various Geologic Settings
A survey of the literature reveals the feasibility of using seismic intensity data to construct useful intensity-epicentral-distance curves for earthquakes of different magnitude.s. To do thJls,
Insular territories: US colonial science, geopolitics, and the (re)mapping of the Philippines
Examining the category of the Insular as a key framing of US extraterritorial, inter-oceanic power during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the paper examines two overlapping sets of
Source process of the 1911 M8.0 Chon-Kemin earthquake: investigation results by analogue seismic records
Several destructive earthquakes have occurred in Tien-Shan region at the beginning of 20th century. However, the detailed seismological characteristics, especially source parameters of those
Elery Hamilton-Smith The Origin of Limestone C : averns : ll Model From the [ entral Mendip Hills , England
  • Geology
  • 2014
Theories of limestone cavern genesis are divided into three conflicting groups: vadose, water table, and deep phreatic. Type examples for all three can be found, at short distances apart and
Synthesis for Management
Among the first and most densely settled of estuaries in the United States, Long Island Sound presents a trajectory of change common to many estuarine and coastal ecosystems. The challenges to