THB-splines: The truncated basis for hierarchical splines

  title={THB-splines: The truncated basis for hierarchical splines},
  author={Carlotta Giannelli and Bert J{\"u}ttler and Hendrik Speleers},
  journal={Comput. Aided Geom. Des.},

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Properties of Spline Spaces Over Structured Hierarchical Box Partitions

This work addresses what happens to the properties of the LRB-space when it is modified by local one-directional refinement at convex corners of, and along edges between dyadic refinement regions, and shows that such local modifications can reduce the number of B-splines over each element to the minimum prescribed by the polynomial bi-degree.

Hierarchical B-splines on regular triangular partitions

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A catalog of safe subdomains is provided that facilitates the design of domain hierarchies with linearly independent (truncated) hierarchical generating systems.

C2interpolation T-splines

Modified Bases of PHT-Splines

This paper presents a method to modify the basis functions of PHT-splines in the case that the supports of the original truncated basis functions are rectangular domains to overcome the decay problem.

Coefficient-Based Spline Data Reduction by Hierarchical Spaces

A coefficient–based least squares spline operator is introduced that does not require any pointwise evaluation to approximate (in a lower dimension spline space) a given bivariate B–spline function.

Foundations of Spline Theory: B-Splines, Spline Approximation, and Hierarchical Refinement

This chapter presents an overview of polynomial spline theory, with special emphasis on the B-spline representation, spline approximation properties, and hierarchical spline refinement, and a unified treatment of recent results on hierarchical splines.

Modified T-splines

Adaptively refined multilevel spline spaces from generating systems

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Quasi-hierarchical Powell-Sabin B-splines

Adaptive isogeometric analysis by local h-refinement with T-splines

Multiresolution Surface Reconstruction for Hierarchical B-splines

The resulting hierarchical surface accurately and economically reproduces the original mesh, is free from excessive undulations in the intermediate levels and produces a multiresolution representation suitable for animation and interactive modelling.

Local refinement of analysis-suitable T-splines

Interpolating and approximating scattered 3D-data with hierarchical tensor product B-splines

In this note we describe surface reconstruction algorithms based on optimization techniques. The input are scattered 3D-data with specified topology. The surfaces constructed are tensor product

Bases and dimensions of bivariate hierarchical tensor-product splines

T-splines and T-NURCCs

A generalization of non-uniform B-spline surfaces called T-splines, which are C2 (in the absence of multiple knots), and T-NURCCs (Non-Uniform Rational Catmull-Clark Surfaces with T-junctions) are a superset of both T- Splines and Catm Mull-Clark surfaces, which can handle any NURBS or CatmULL-Clark model as special cases.

A hierarchical approach to adaptive local refinement in isogeometric analysis